Transformation of work | 1 day training workshop

For HR teams and self-developers, who want to prepare their organization for the transformation of skills, careers and organization of work.

  • Work & careers in the age of data and AI
  • Transformation of work
  • Leveling up your organization

Price 1 790 + VAT

Growth modeling | 1 day training workshop

For digital development teams and companies who are either digitalizing an established business model or concepting new digital business model(s).

  • Digitalizing established businesses vs. new business innovation
  • Business modeling and measuring success
  • Your growth plan

Price 1 790 + VAT

Digitalization 101 | Complete 3 day training program

For teams and companies who want to raise the bar and train people to not only manage but to understand and thrive in the digitalized business world. This 3 day training program designed for max. 20 participants.

Module 1: Digitalization basics

  • Introduction
  • Tool: Comprehensive digitalization model
  • Doing business in the digital universe

Module 2: Rethinking customer processes

  • Customer experience & the customer journey
  • New channels, new data
  • Setting goals and measuring success

Module 3: Employees & wellbeing

  • Internal digitalization and EX
  • Skills of the future
  • The transformation of work

Price 4 970€ + VAT for less than 10 participants
Price 7 990€ + VAT for 10+ participants

Innovation Machine | Complete 3 day training program

For companies looking to tackle transformation proactively instead of reacting to inbound change. This 3 day training program designed for max. 20 participants.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Digital business in the modern world
  • Digitalizing established business models
  • New business innovation

Module 2: Continuous innovation

  • Types and levels of innovation
  • Innovation models and internal startups
  • Building a perpetual innovation machine

Module 3: Leveling up for new business

  • Assessing gaps and acquiring new skills
  • Business modeling
  • Iterative development

Price 4 970€ + VAT for less than 10 participants
Price 7 990€ + VAT for 10+ participants

Custom trainings

I also provide custom trainings for custom needs. Some of my usual audiences are:

  • Boards & management teams
  • Sales & marketing
  • HR
  • Innovation & new business teams

I normally try to keep trainings and workshops to max. 20 people. For larger audiences I am available for keynotes & speaking.

Contact me or book a free-of-charge 30 minute meeting straight to my calendar to go through your training needs.

Feedback from previous courses: 

  • “Really useful, helps to advance developing new business.”
  • “Sparring and the opportunity to think about new business models”
  • “Produced ideas for new operating models”
  • “Free discussions were good, a small group is very suitable for this. Well paced schedule.”

Re-imagine yourself (and your team)

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”

We, as professionals, need constant rewiring to keep up with the modern world of business.

According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of employees need total rewiring of skills.

Digital transformation is not only about new technology. Businesses face entirely new skill gaps and challenges in successfully colliding multidisciplinary talent. The ideal modern employee is a generalist with a few deep specialist competences and a myriad of soft skills like creativity.

We want to help you turn smart individuals and teams into T, X & Tree-shaped generalists who are able to apply their core skillset in a wide array of difficult modern day business situations. is Dent Maker’s online course on digital transformation & innovation.

It is primarily aimed for individuals who want to build both resilience and proactive innovation capabilities in their company. The course is currently available only in Finnish.

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Rami Karhu

Rami Karhu

Digital business advisor, founder

I have 15+ years of experience in digital business & transformation as a senior consultant, head of marketing, business director and chief digital officer.

I have worked with over 100 companies, such as KONE, Oriola, Metsä Group, VV-Auto (Audi, Seat, Volkswagen) & Fortum during my career. I have also helped startups, SMBs and public sector organizations grow in the digital domain.

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